thanks, Ace.

Happy Memorial Day. Yes, we understand that today we are not celebrating National Barbecue Day (although that was an excellent meme). Here’s a little picture from 1945 that makes me, if I may, happy: Grandpa Ace slouched over the wheel after arresting Lt. General Karl Gerlach of Luftwaffe. When my grandmother saw this article in the Stars and Stripes, her only observation was that Grandpa looked more like a prisoner than the General did. That’s pretty much the best part of the story, which you’d understand if you’d met Grandma. Which I did, on thousands of occasions. Happy Memorial Day, Grandpa. I hope you’re enjoying some truly heavenly barbecue.



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    Erin May 26, 2014

    How do you make everything funny????

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    Meredith May 27, 2014

    When you posted this, I thought it was an article that people were passing around. I was delighted to learn it was actually your story. My grandpa also fought in WWII, but he never got to arrest an evil Nazi. Cool story and your grandma sounds pretty sassy.

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