Monthly Archives: November 2011

it’s good to have a sister, I tell you what.

Or brother. They’re both very, very fine. It just so happens that Sister Kate sent me the enormous box currently taking up most of my bed. I’m too chicken to look at the postage because I li’trally do not want to know what she spent to mail this beast (considering that I still owe her $30 plus interest). And just to give some sense of the size of the thing, I stuck Sister Margaret’s trumpet next to it, which, ever since Dave paid her fifty bucks for it, has been the bane of my existence because it is NEVER PUT AWAY and is perpetually lying around on the floor somewhere begging innocent folks to trip over it. This has been going on for years and is quite painful. Thank heavens it doesn’t actually get played.

these books of spells aren’t gonna make themselves.


Do you have a favorite Canadian? Because I certainly do.

outtake from today’s christmas photo shoot.

You’d never guess how much getting this shot caused me to hate my children.

happy thanksgivings, good people.

turkeyhand by Bella